Pharmaceutical Processing Machines

Blending & Mixing

Blending is to combine or mix so that the constituent parts are indistinguishable from one another and to obtain a mixture of particular character, quality or consistency.

Blending machines such as Agitators, Conical blenders, Continuous mixers, Dough mixers, Emulsifiers, Gas, Homogenisers, In line mixers, Meat mixers, Paste mixers, Plough blade, Powder mixers, Ribbon mixers, Solid phase mixers, Viscous product mixers, Z Blade mixers

Extruding Machines

In the pharmaceutical industry, extruders are used to produce the pellets required for the downstream process. As stand alone machines, the extruder can be integrated into existing lines and control systems. For flexibility, extruders can be used for batch and continuous line processing. Connection to upstream granulation and downstream spheronisation and drying processes is also possible.


Current good manufacturing practices increasingly require that product is fully contained during processing to protect operators and environment. Integrated process systems not only offer containment but improved productivity through automation, increased yield and efficient cleaning procedures

The granulation process can be one of the following; Low shear dry granulation, high shear wet granulation and melt granulating. Mixing and granulating can be combined into one machine.


Homogenise is to reduce to particles and disperse throughout a fluid. Inline homogenizers are the ideal solution for continuous processing of emulsions and dispersions.

Milling & Sieving

The integration of all types of mills and sieves can be tailored to suit the individual needs. There can be specific applications such as hoist mounted systems and high powder containment levels. Other design options include nitrogen purge systems and CIP systems

Quick change over between products is essential and the application of integrated control systems is needed.