Sachet Form Fill Seal

Packaging machines which use flexible packaging material, to form a package which is then filled and sealed in a sequence of operations to form a three or four side sealed sachet.

There are 3 main types:

Edge Sealing Machine
Horizontally operated form fill seal machine in which the product is placed on a horizontal web of film before being sealed on 3 or 4 sides to an upper web of film. Machines may have one or two reels of material and can produce one or more lanes of packs. Uses: Greeting cards and medical dressings.
Horizontal Sachet FFS
Packs are formed and sealed on 2 or 3 sides and filled vertically with the product before the remaining side is sealed whilst he film web is moving horizontally but the pack remains vertical. Uses: liquids, free flowing powders and wipes such as hand cleaners, cosmetics etc.
Vertical Sachet FFS
Uses one or more webs of film to form a pack which is filled vertically and sealed to produce a 3 or 4 sided sealed sachet. Can have one or two webs of film and several lanes of packs. Uses: tea bags and pack liquids and free flowing powders and solids.