Sachet – What it is and Why Your Business Should Consider Using It

A sachet is nothing more than sample size packets of various products. These packets come in a variety of sizes, shapes and packaging types. The three main types that you’ll see businesses use for samples are the peel-away type that you often see in magazines, the little tear corner packets and the newest version which is an innovative container called Snap-pak that snaps open using only two fingers. The peel-away type are typically used for perfume samples, just so potential customers can smell the scent. For many years, the tear corner packets have been the standard for most products but they have disadvantages that have now been overcome by the new snap open sachet – mainly they were hard to open and splattered the contents easily.

Not only is offering a product sample sachet a great way to allow potential new customers to try your product, it’s a fantastic branding technique. Whether you buy the machinery needed and assemble the samples yourself or use a service to do it for you, it is easy to add your company logo and some information to these packages. Even those who don’t try the product will still be exposed to your company’s branding. Tests have shown that it can take up to seven times for a person to see your logo before it registers on his mind. Clearly getting your company’s brand in front of people as many times as possible is to your benefit.

Obviously, there are some products that will not be suitable for a sachet but there are many that are ideal for this type of sample package. Anyone who manufactures body care, skin care or hair care products will find these perfect to hold a one-time use amount of the product. Paint manufacturers could offer tiny samples for people to test the colors. Cosmetic manufacturers will find them useful for allowing potential customers to test their products. If your business offers any product that could be distributed this way, it will be a marvelous branding and promotional tool. Contact us using the contact form in the sidebar to receive further information on Sachet marketing and manufacturing